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Forza Italia Giovani

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Forza Italia Giovani - Our principles, our values

The principles in which we believe are the fundamental values of all the great western democracies.

We believe in freedom, in all of its aspects: freedom of thought, of expression, of worship, of association, of enterprise and of trade.

We believe in the person, in the ability and in the power of anyone to realize his self, to build with his own hands the future, to aspire to the welfare.

We believe in the family, fundamental core of our society and center of our main affections.

We believe in the enterprise, that is the principal institute to which is demanded the creation of job, of welfare and of wealth.

We share and nourish the values of the Christian tradition: the inalienable values of life, of common good, of freedom of education, of peace, of solidarity, of justice and of tolerance towards everyone. We strongly believe in the rule of law

And, above all, we believe in the respect and in the love for weaker people, like the ill patients, the children, the elders, the unprivileged people.


Per conoscere a fondo Forza Italia e i suoi valori di Libertą.

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Visita l'archivio delle nostre fotografie

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