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Forza Italia Giovani

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Tragedy in the USA - September 11, 2001
Statement by Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi

"I feel pain, like everyone else, for these innocent victims in New York and Washington, for all the passengers of the hijacked planes, for the distress inflicted by the most ruthless terrorism to all the peaceful and free men. Never in the history of humanity we saw such a contempt towards helpless civilians. Never, in the time of peace, a city was so devastated by such a terrible homicide will.

Not only the United States were hit, the country to which Italy is linked by an ancient and brotherly friendship, but all the free and democratic countries were hit. The answer of democracy, of all the free men of the world is solidarity based on the common values of civilization and the respect of the law of men.

Italy has no chance but expressing solidarity with the United States, with their people and their institutions. The Italian people expresses solidarity, as well as all the political forces, with no ideological distinction. We know that we have in front of us a future that will test our ability to resist to barbarity, but we have no fear to face it. Democracies give the best of themselves, of their ability of resistance, in the moments of danger, because they are based on the consensus of their citizens.

Italy today stands by the USA, as we will always do, as we have done in the past. We do it today in the moment of pain, we will do it tomorrow when the American people will overcome this tragic test from which, we are sure, they will leave reinforced in their values and in their will to go on in the path of civilization and democracy."

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