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Tragedy in the USA: Our Solidarity


The Western world is standing by the United States in such a tragic moment, when the cowardice of terrorism shows all its ruthless cruelty and all its clear, professional and staggering coldness.

Not only the United States were hit, but also the principles of Freedom, Democracy, the culture of Law, the value of human life and the warrany of these values.

Thousands of innocent victims paid the price of all this. It is our duty to stand by them, by their families, by the Government of the United States and by all those who are defending the supreme and unalienable right of Freedom.

The pain and the indignation leave the world with no words, while intolerance and stupidity are shooting in air as a symbol of joy.

What's your opinion? TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

-- Read the Statement of President Silvio Berlusconi

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